Welcome to Encouragers Church!

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Sunday 9:00 am – Pre-Service Prayer
Sunday 9:30 am – Pre-Service Meet & Greet – Coffee or Tea
Sunday 10:30 am – Service Begins

Wednesday 6:00 pm – Pre-Service Prayer
Wednesday 6:30 pm – Pre-Service Meet & Greet – Coffee or Tea
Wednesday 7:00 pm – Service Begins

Encouragers Church
8761 Veterans Memorial Parkway - O'Fallon, MO 63366

We’ve created a safe and secure environment where kids can have a fun, interactive Sunday School experience. We have dedicated and qualified volunteers who want to show kids God’s love, and help kids love church. Children’s ministry is offered during the worship service.

Grab a cup of coffee, a bite to eat and meet God’s people. We invite you to meet with our Senior Elder, Louis Green, and to get a free autographed copy of his historical fiction “The Crimson Cord”. We also invite you to visit our Welcome Table where you’ll have the opportunity to find out more about Encouragers Church, ask questions, and explore the different opportunities to connect with more people just like you, pick up a Bible if you don’t have one, and even make some new friends.

Finally, we encourage you to stay connected to Encouragers Church throughout the week by joining us on Facebook, and watching our sermons and videos on our Media web page.

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Our Services

Sunday Mornings 

Prayer Room - 9:00 AM

Coffee Social Time - 9:30 AM

Sunday Worship - 10:30 AM


Wednesday Evenings

Bible Study Session - 7:00 PM

Youth Live Session - 7:00 PM

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Enquirers Are Always Welcome at Encouragers Church!

Jesus never turned an honest enquirer away and neither should churches. Come and bring your questions and an open heart and see what God would say to you today!

We are a growing, enthusiastic congregation who enjoys sharing ideas, dreams, and visions.

We are a church body where signs, miracles, and wonders are sought and celebrated.

We are a church body who encourages and urges people to get involved and impact the world around them with the Gospel.

We are the church of the warm heart, open arms, and helping hands.

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Personal message From Pastor Louis Green:

Presently, the main focus of my ministry is the
Encouragers Church in O'Fallon, Missouri.
Encouragers are a gathering of "flawed but forgiven" people who come together to be strengthened to go into their respective worlds and speak words that lift up their fellow citizens of this present world. 
We Practice the Encouragers Manifesto:
  • Today and every day I will offer the greatest gift another human can receive: the gift of encouragement. I will recognize that my gift is theirs to receive or to refuse, and that it comes with no expectations or demands.

Today and every day:

  •  I will give the lonely a reason to believe in companionship again. And in so doing, I will banish loneliness from my own heart forever.
  • I will give the insecure person a reason to grow – to expand their self-confidence. And in so doing, I will discover my own destiny.
  • I will give the lost dreamer a reason to dream again –And in so doing, I will make my own dreams come true.
  • I will give the disregarded a reason to feel connected – to God, to their self, to me. And in so doing, I will make new friends and form great relationships.
  • I will give my coworkers a reason to say, “Thank You,” but I will not demand that it be said. And in so doing, I will experience the joy of true teamwork.
  • I will give the ordinary a reason to feel respected. And in so doing, I will possess greater respect from myself and from others.
  • I will give the solemn a reason to laugh or smile. And in so doing, I will be reminded again not to take myself too seriously.
  • I will give the indecisive a reason to say, “Yes”, And in so doing I will be delivered from my own inaction.
  • I will give the weary a reason to go on, refusing to quit. And in so doing I will sow the seeds of my own prevailing strength.
  • I will give the apathetic a reason to be passionate about the things that really matter. And in so doing, I will face the trivial and meaningful in my own life.
  • I will give the cautious a reason to get out of that dull routine and live a little. And in so doing I will protect my own spirit from stagnation.
  • I will give the cynic a reason to believe that God is for them place. And in so doing, I will reinforce for myself the reality that He loves us all.
  • Most of all, I will recognize that this day is a gift to me. Today and every day I will take the time to encourage the encourager. I will recognize that my greatest gifts become available to others only when I offer them first to myself and to my God.

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